About British Family Tree Research

British Family Tree Research has a unique data base consisting of family Surnames. Place names on old Documents, Postcards, Letters, Certificates. Memorial Cards and Medals and much more. The items can be purchased in the shop to add a genuine item to your family tree. All the items can be traced back to family trees with the information they hold, to add information not listed anywhere else. The postcards and letters usually have an address and date on the postmarks, this will show where they were on that day in time which is still a living memory of your Ancestor. There are no reproductions.  Finding past family that have been forgotten brought back to the attention of the family is so wonderful. To research the lives they have lived, their occupations, where they had been living, and what they had owned.

Family Tree Collectables

With British Family Tree Research the more information you find, the more your interest grows. It’s possible to trace some family trees as far back as the Tudor times when Henry VIII was on the throne. With some early names you can go back as far as medieval times, however these lines can be difficult to prove.

Family Tree Research Packages

Our research packages start from only £150 – for more details click here.

For many years I’ve been studying my own family trees and have collated an enormous amount of valuable information. On one line of my family tree goes back to 1650 – during the civil war in England. Also other family trees of my own back three hundred years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover a document or belonging from a family member! Please use the search box to see if we have any related items in the shop. Search with Surname first then an initial . Most old documents do not always have the first name in full. You can also find us on Twitter.

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